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Nutropin AQ Pen

MANUFACTURED BY : Genetech inc 

PACKAGE : 3 pens (30 iu per pen)

To make sure your body has the right amount of  growth hormone, your healthcare provider may recommend GH replacement therapy with Nutropin AQ, which can be administered with the Nutropin AQ Pen 10. This device offers simplicity, convenience, and enhanced safety features for Nutropin delivery.

The pen delivers Nutropin AQ. Because Nutropin AQ does not need to be mixed, you will spend less time preparing and administering your daily Nutropin therapy, and may reduce your chances of making a dosing mistake.

Nutropin was created by Genentech. Nutropin is manufactured using the Protein Secretion technology.

In the U.S., the FDA has approved Nutropin for treatment of pediatric and adult GHD, growth failure in females with Turner's syndrome, and growth failure caused by chronic renal disease. Nutropin is available in lyophilized powder form as well as a pre-mixed formula.

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$ 679.00 Made by Genetech - 3 pens of 30 iu each

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